Labrador Retriever, America’s Favorite Breed!!

With a lovable personality that just won’t stop, a trainability level through the roof with very little stubborness, and a personality that typically screams goofball, it’s easy to see why this dog breed has been at the top of the charts for so many years for everyone from police departments to families.  The labrador Retriever is a dog bred in canada initially but has become america’s sweetheart of dog breeds.  This was initially a cold weather dog however due to breeding and an ability to tollerate wide range of climates the breed can be found from Washington to Florida in abundance.  Its hard to find negative about this breed if there is any but here is brief overview of the breed.

Physical: Large breed on average should be in the neighborhood of 80-100lb however if overfed can be larger with a hearty appetite its best to monitor food intake. Coat is a double coat which tends to shed regularly and full coat blow in fall and spring. Ears should be floppy and tail should be intact thick tail works like a rutter when swimming.

Colors: Labs come in several different colors.  Colors include Black, Yellow, White, Brown/Chocolate, Red, Grey/Silver, and very rarely multicolor estimated one in a million.  AKC and other breed standards only typically recognize black yellow and brown stating that te others are variations of those primary three.  Anyone who has owned a Fox Red Lab will tell you there is noticable differences and the silver is not even recognized at all as of yet but subject to change due to popularity.

Personality:  Big loveable playful are the best words for a Lab however it should be noted that the puppy stage of playfulness lasts a good bit longer in a Lab sometimes it seems they never stop being a puppy and even senior dogs act young.  Often times playfulness is misunderstood for disobedience with the right directional training these dogs can astonish you with the work performed.

Health:  All things considered this is a very health breed.  Things to look for are typical of most large dogs such as bloat of the stomach, joint issues, skin irritation, and others standard for most breeds.  Labs are very good eaters but should be monitored due to they tend to over eat not to the point of harming themselves but to the point of being over weight very easy.  

Training: Training with a lab is a breeze if someone tells you different it will be very rare.  Labs are easy to train due to they are extremely bidable which means they have a desire to please their owner like you would not believe.  If master said sit that is what i do till i’m told otherwise is a labs point of view most of the time.  Labs do well with nearly every type of training however thrive with a gentle and understanding nature, praise is as much of a reward as food to a Lab.

English vs American Lab: Most people have no idea that there are two different breedings of Labs.  Below are pictures of the differences English on left and American on right.  English labs tend to be more stocky in build with a shorter snout and shorter tail.  Personality wise the english are more subdued and laid back personality than the american counterpart. English labs are wonderful and tend to be a better fit for families with small children while at the same time for hunters the english lab will astonish and go at a steady pace for much longer than the american.  American labs on the right tend to have longer snout and tail with a leaner body much more athletic looking and a bit taller.  These differences are simply from generations of breeding for different qualities.  American labs are more playful typically and a bit more clownish at times.  the American Lab tends to run full force untill he is tired at just about any job.  If your family is looking for a bouncy happy dog he is the pick and for hunting and retrieval both are superb but the american is more suited for shorter trips not all day excursions.  It is always advisable to consult the breeder before buying a dog to get an idea of temprament ahead of time and background of the parents as well.