Family+Dog=Bond is not just a catchy logo or company name its a cumulation of over 17 years of professional dog training experience.  Dogs are more than just pets they are part of the family.  If you feel the same i hope this blog will give your wonderful advise on every aspect of your for legged family members.

Why is training our focus?


A well trained dog is more than just a pet, with a training foundation they are able to actively be part of the family in a way that is both polite and desired by everyone in the family.


No more bad behaviors

With proper training we are able to address the issues that dogs have no matter what the origin.  Dogs are ver intelligent creatures so if we use languages they can understand they are able to adapt to what their family expects of them.

About Us

Hello, I’m Brandon Whaley, I have been a professional dog trainer since late 2004 nearly 17 years at this point.  I graduated first from National K9 in Columbus OH. This gave me a wonderful foundation to grow on and build from and over the last nearly two decades i have done that working with dogs of all different shapes, sizes, ages, and temperaments.  

My philosophy on dog training is fairly simple and straight forward.  I want to teach you how to work with and train your own dog.  I could make a lot more money training dogs for the owners and sending them home “Trained” but that doesn’t do a lot of good there is still a time where owner and dog have to be on the same page.

Offering local training classes

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4701 Jones Rd          Battle Creek  MI    49017